5-6 year olds

Half-day Kindergarten

LUMP-K provides half-day kindergarten in Lebanon, Ohio. Our kindergarten is chartered by the Ohio Department of Education and our curriculum is aligned with the Ohio Common Core standards.

Morning Class

9:00- 11:30 a.m.

Monday – Friday

Afternoon Class

12:15 – 2:45 p.m.

Monday – Friday

Daily Program

Sample Schedule

  • 9:00/12:15 Arrival/Outside Play/Indoor gross motor 
  • 9:20/12:35 Restroom break/Simon Says/phonics practice
  • 9:30/12:45 Morning work – math
  • 9:50/1:05 Independent reading/read aloud
  • 10:00/1:15 Circle Activities – welcome, pledge, calendar, shared reading, music
  • 10:15/1:30 Whole group table work – Superkids
  • 10:35/1:50 Centers: small group guided reading / math games / computer keyboarding / iPad apps / art / snack / blocks / dramatic play / Legos / puzzles
  • 11:20/2:35 Prepare for dismissal

Kindergarten in Lebanon, Ohio

Learning Opportunities

Kindergarten Students spend the greater portion of their day in reading readiness and mathematics readiness activities. LUMP-K uses the Zaner-Bloser Meet the SuperKids reading program. This program appeals to all five of the students senses and affords excellent results. Supplementary materials are used to further meet the individual needs of the kindergarten student.

The Kindergarten uses the Kindergarten CORE Units Math program. We feel that this program offers the young child the necessary base upon which to build his or her future math experiences.

The Science for Today & Tomorrow program provides an individual, hands-on approach to beginning science concepts, as the students explore the world around them using the scientific method.

A pre-screening and post-evaluation program is used to assess the children’s progress in all developmental areas including reading and math.