Our Purpose

What We Stand For

The purpose of the Lebanon Methodist Preschool and Kindergarten is to provide a nurturing environment of Christian love and kindness, in which each child may develop a positive self-concept that will promote a solid basis for meeting life’s social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and moral challenges.

Educationally, our purpose is:

  • To promote a first small group experience away from home
  • To act as an extension of home for the young child
  • To develop beginning skills in reading, writing, and basic math concepts
  • To provide a fun, social experience for children of the same age
  • To develop, encourage and strengthen a positive self-concept
  • To provide a low student/teacher ratio
  • To provide a parent or relative of each child enrolled to be a parent helper periodically when scheduled

A great place to start.

The Lebanon Methodist Preschool and Kindergarten will serve the needs of young children by offering them experiences that are developmentally appropriate for both their age and individual persons. As a developmental preschool and kindergarten, we provide for all areas of a child’s development through an integrated approach of age appropriate activities which readily accommodates individual differences in developmental progress and interests. We seek to provide an environment which encourages a child to ask questions, to explore, to experiment and to learn those things which he or she needs and wants to know.

We provide a stimulating environment equipped with challenging materials and activities to promote child-initiated, child-directed play. Play is the way children learn best, therefore the children will play a great deal. Play is their work and primary vehicle for growth. We provide teacher support and guidance for optimum learning experience in the child’s world.

We seek to provide quality education, in a Christian atmosphere, through stories, pictures, conversation, creative indoor and outdoor play, physical education and field trips. Children will learn that they are children of God, people to be valued for their own unique being. They will gain a new security and independence in the world outside their homes. They will discover many people who contribute to their well-being and will find ways that they can contribute to the group.

Cooperative education

Parent Involvement

The school has been organized as a cooperative educational program. Our school believes that it is our responsibility to partner with parents in their child’s educational program. This will be accomplished through a variety of volunteer opportunities in order for our families to become involved in their child’s school, both during school hours and at other times. These include:

  • A parent, relative, or close friends to assist in classrooms as a Parent Helper (all persons working with our students will be background checked)
  • Volunteering to help on our periodic Cleaning Crews
  • Volunteering for a committee of our annual Breakfast with Santa fundraiser
  • Volunteering for other fundraisers throughout the year
  • Each family will be expected to attend two parent-teacher conferences per school year
  • Being a parent volunteer on our Board of Directors