Make LUMP-K a great place for your child to start their education!

For more than 40 years, the Lebanon United Methodist Preschool & Kindergarten has been providing quality, developmentally appropriate Preschool and Kindergarten classes in Lebanon, Ohio.  Through this period LUMP/K has grown from just one class of ten children, to nine classes and an enrollment of more than 100 children.

Our sensitive and supportive teachers help children experience the joy of learning within an atmosphere of Christian love and gentleness.  The purpose of LUMP/K is to provide a nurturing environment of Christian love and kindness, in which each child may develop a positive self concept that will promote a solid basis for meeting life’s social, emotional, cognitive, physical and moral challenges.

We offer Early Learning, Preschool and Kindergarten to children who are at least 3, 4 or 5 years of age.


To have a Registration packet sent to you, for any questions or to schedule a tour of the school, feel free to contact us at 513-933-0567.

The Lebanon United Methodist Preschool & Kindergarten is located at 122 East Silver Street, Lebanon, Ohio.